What is high quality coal?

Coal that’s been converted to a higher-grade energy fuel or raw material feedstock with lowered environmental impact.

We create a higher quality coal using low-frequency, high-power electromagnetic technology:

By reducing moisture, our patented process increases the burn efficiency and improves calorific value (a measure of energy density) of low-grade raw coal while simultaneously reducing harmful emissions. Furthermore, by reducing the moisture in coal, an industrial facility could increase the conversion efficiency of raw materials into end products.

Our solution addresses a vexing problem faced around the globe:

Coal is an efficient fuel source, but it is a less environmentally friendly solution than other options. Coal-fired generators produce more than 50% of the electricity in the United States, and more than 70% of the electricity in other markets like China – but they also produce large quantities of harmful sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions, which are the main cause of acid rain. CoalTek’s process enables less coal consumption without sacrificing efficiency, resulting in lower overall emissions.

How to transform low quality high moisture coal into higher quality coal for coking facilities, power plants, coal conversion facilities, and other heavy industry:

By reducing the moisture of coal, low quality coal can be upgraded to high quality coal, which brings various economic and environmental benefits to users. Additionally, sub-bituminous and brown coals, such as those mined in the Western United States, Australia, China and other parts of the world, are generally low in calorific value, making them a less attractive fuel. However, these coal generally have lower toxin levels, making them an environmentally friendly coal. CoalTek is able to transform these low calorific value coal with favorable environmental attributes into a viable option by reducing the moisture content and boosting the coal’s energy density by up to 70%. In essence, the process converts low quality coal into a superior quality fuel at a competitive price – without changing the coal’s natural physical properties or handling characteristics.

We’re cleaning up coal in two ways:

By upgrading the coal, less coal is required to produce more output, resulting to less emissions. Additionally, sub-bituminous and brown coals tend to have superior environmental properties in their natural state. CoalTek upgrades the calorific value of these coals, delivering both a highly efficient fuel and a fuel with superior environmental performance. Through fuel switching, our pre-burn process enables a reduction of pollutants across the entire spectrum.