Proven Installations

Proven Technology & Installations

CoalTek’s coal processing platform was developed and scaled up at its state-of-the-art R&D facilities at the company’s headquarters. That facility serves as the birthplace of most of the technical innovations encompassed in the Company’s broad portfolio of technology and intellectual property.

In 2007, CoalTek commissioned is first commercial-scale demonstration and development facility in Calvert City, KY. Integrated into a full-service coal handling facility on the Tennessee River, the CoalTek processing facility has allowed the company to prove out the operational dynamics, economic performance and effectiveness of the technology at a level of scale that is relevant to CoalTek’s end users: coking facilities, power plants, and coal conversion facilities. Further, the CCT facility provides the ideal platform for demonstrating the flexibility of the process across a broad spectrum of feedstocks and the limitless scalability of the platform made possible by its modular and flexible design.

In addition to the above-mentioned facilities, CoalTek is currently developing large-scale projects around the globe.