CoalTek separates itself from all competitors through its process technology, the only application to leverage the unique advantages of volumetric heating. CoalTek’s volumetric heating process is very specific to the industrial microwave base of the technology. While substantially modified from traditional microwave processes, the CoalTek process shares a very compelling trait with its predecessors: The CoalTek process only heats the portion of the coal that is H2O in order to remove that very unit of H2O – thus using 50-70 percent less energy than alternative thermal processes.

Other thermal alternatives, by contrast, must heat the entire mass of coal in order to remove a unit of H2O. Unlike CoalTek’s technology, both thermal and physical H20-removal processes are limited to surface moisture removal. Moreover, CoalTek’s low-temperature process is benign, offering the following benefits:

  • Coal temperature stays below 90 degrees C (vs. more than 500 degrees C+ in thermal processes);
  • No degradation of coal structure, carbon or volatile matter;
  • No oxidation or volatilization (thus no harmful emissions or gases);
  • No safety risks for dust explosion.

The CoalTek processing chamber contains no moving parts other than the actual conveyor that carries the coal, allowing for very low maintenance costs and very high online facility utilization.

Quite simply, CoalTek’s process technology leverages the advantages of the world’s most efficient means of controlling and removing water from solids, and pairs that baseline advantage with a unique process control system which integrates a complex network of analyzers and sensors in a dynamic feedback/feed-forward loop. The proprietary CoalTek control algorithms, in concert with a constant flow of real-time process data, enable the intelligent control system to guarantee the consistency of the processed product while ensuring process integrity and efficiency.